Why Thijori?

A secure place where your relieving letters are parked. These could be Relieving Letters, Experience certificates, TDS certificates, Full & final settlement documents and any other awards & accolades that you would have received, apart from professional certificates that you might have earned or received through your employer.

Potential employers can request the job seeker to share the link and validate the same in real time.

Past employers need not assign dedicated resource to answer queries about ex-employees.This is tamper proof as the original documents are uploaded by employer and a job seeker has only access to view & share.The TDS certificates, like form 16 are already digitally signed by the employer, before uploading.


We have found this platform very useful. It has helped us immensely in reducing our turnaround time and enable our ex-employees to retrieve their service related documents in a jiffy. This platform has eliminated the interruptions in our regular work while automating some of the process for our HR and Finance teams. We have been able to save a lot of effort in retrieving records, which were earlier maintained as physical documents, while allowing the ex-employee to retain control on their documents, that are uploaded & certified by the Employer.

Tom Stanley, HR Manager at Airvana Networks

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